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Wouldn’t it be nice to write again?

My blog! Oh how I love to read all of my posts from the past. It’s interesting that my blog is the first thing to get ignored, other than the dishes, when I get super busy. I LOVE seeing my past entries and feel like it should be important enough to me to continue to write at least once a week. With the invention of smart phones, a blog can be written directly from the phone…..anywhere! So that’s my plan. I downloaded the app and I am laying in bed with the lights off, writing. I do hope this helps me to write more regularly.

Today’s picture is Isaiah trying to hide the fact that he watching Monster High with his sister by pretending to play on his phone. Isaiah, your mother caught you!


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17 months and counting… ~Florence KY Photographer~

April 22,2011.  That was the last time that I have written.  That is 17 months ago, and today, I get an itch.  I log on to my account, which amazingly I remember my password, and so here I am.  Crazy enough, my blog still averages about the same number of visits every month since the last time I wrote.

So, what should I write about after such a long gap?  My desire for keeping a blog was to track my progress as a photographer.  Since April, 2011, I have had 72 photography sessions, plus or minus one.  I have photographed my first solo wedding.  I traveled through New England on a lighthouse scavenger hunt.  I added a new nephew to my collection of favorite things to photograph.  I have taught 2 photography students.  I have developed what I now call a “comfortable” photography style.  But now what?

I dug out my first film SLR at the beginning of the year, gave it a freshening up, complete with batteries and film.  That was nearly 8 months ago, and I have yet to snap the shutter once!  That is going to be tomorrows project.  This is going to be interesting, and I am certain that if I actually find someone to develop these,  they are going to be very over exposed.  I have gotten used to snapping a picture to adjust for exposure, instead of using a meter.

I am going to work on better customer service.  I feel that this is one area that I have lacked in, seriously, but not because I do not love my clients.  I am just too busy.  I work a full time job at the hospital.  I am a single mom of three kids.  Then there is that whole once a month military thing.  My clients deserve more and I am going to work on a plan to show them how much I appreciate them.

Last, I need to get through the holiday session with out feeling overwhelmed.  I turned clients away last year, and it killed me to do that.  This year, I am going to push for early holiday portraits as too avoid the stress on every ones part.

Now for some pictures:

My daughter….17 months later!



My newest nephew (3 months ago!)…


My boys:


And my favorite image this week:


To see all of the images and sessions that I have taken in the last 17 months, click HERE.

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Three months in a single blog ~NKY/Cincinnati Photographer~

Time flies.  People say it all the time.  I say it all the time.  I go to sleep one night and wake up and it’s three months later.   I loved writing here, on the blog.  It is a great way to keep track of where I have been.  Unfortunately, it is the first thing that gets pushed to the back burner when life gets busy.

This post is going to be picture heavy, as I am going to post my favorite images from the sessions I have had since last posting here on the bloggity:

I am fairly certain that I am missing a few favorites.  Once I get myself organized, I will get more on here.  Full galleries may be viewed online by visiting HERE.

Simper Expressions Photography is participating in the International Charity Model Search to select “North America’s Cutest Kid” and to raise funds for the non-profit Now I lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation. (

Is your child North America’s Cutest Kid?  We’ll give you the opportunity to prove it!  The grand prizewinner will win a $2500 savings bond, a $2500 travel package, and a $100 Target gift card.  The second and third place runners up each will win a $500 savings bond and a $100 Target gift card.

Models Search Special:
$65 entrance fee, ($10 off the normal session fee!) which includes a 45-minute model session and one image submitted to the national gallery.

Finalists will be determined by online votes.  Each vote is $1 (no limit to the amount of votes you can cast),  and all proceeds from votes benefit the non-profit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. (  Every family member who registers their information on the Charity Model Search Website will also receive 1 complimentary vote.  The top 5 paid votes, and the top 5 complimentary votes in each region will move on to the final judging round for a total of 50 finalists.

Grand prize national winner will be determined from the 50 city finalists. Winners selected by photography and modeling industry experts.

If you’re interested in entering your child(ren), please call the studio at 513-328-9226. For more information about the contest, go online to


I am not allowed to enter my own children, so I am going to post what would have been my entry.

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The library isn’t just for reading ~NKY/Cincinnati Child Photographer

It was a chilly day, and the kids were out of school.   They had played every Wii game in the house, and they were bored.   I had read that the library was hosting a program for the children to read to dogs.  I thought it would be great for them, and we all piled in to the car.   Unfortunately, I had read the location wrong, and we were at the wrong library.   The boys were slightly upset, until they discovered the back playroom was open.  So we played… the library.


The boys were building a huge tower out of blocks, so I took Missy Moo out of their way for picture time!


Sai asked if he could use my camera to take a picture of “these really cool dinosaurs” that he found in a container.   After listening to ten minutes of me lecturing him on how to properly handle my camera, I let him go at it.


What an amazing photographer!!   There are four more of different dinosaurs that he took.  We are going to have them hanging on the “For the Kids, By the Kids” wall at the studio, and available for purchase.   Portion of the sales will go to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.     I think there is soon to be a “10 things my son photographed”!

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And the winner is…… ~Florence KY Newborn photographer~

First, thank you to my wonderful clients!  The Best of 2010 has over 1000 views!  Amazing.

However….I discovered that my contest give away had a flaw in the voting that would not be fair to all of my clients.    It is important to me that all images have a fair chance to win the 16×20 canvas, so I had to close all voting on the images and rethink my approach.

My solution was simple, and I think that this is the best way to make the contest as fair as possible.  I took every image that received at least one vote and assigned it a number.

Next, I used a random number generator to determine the winner!   And the winner is:

Congratulations!   The 16×20 canvas is going to look wonderful hanging in your home.  I will be contacting you in the next few days.   Thank you for such a great 2010!  ~Becky~

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The Best of 2010 and a Gift ~NKY/Cincinnati Photographer~

It is coming to an end.  2010 has been a great year!  I am very excited to see what 2011 has in store.   As a special thank you to all of my wonderful clients, I am offering a very special give away.  Actually, TWO very special give aways!   The first, I have posted my favorite image from all of my regular sessions during 2010 on a special “Best of 2010” ONLINE GALLERY.   This gallery is special because it allows you to download the full digital file for to have and keep.   Simply right-click and save, and it is yours.

The second give away, and the one I am most excited about, is a 16×20 canvas!  Direct your friends and family to the “Best of 2010” GALLERY and have them comment on your image.  The image with the most comments by January 6th at 6PM, with receive a free 16×20 canvas!!  The canvas does not have to be of the image that I have chosen as my favorite, but it must be from your session that was held in 2010.   Only one comment per person per image is allowed.

Happy New Year!

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The bad and ugly truth ~NKY/Cincinnati Photographer~

Doubt and questioning.   It happens to everyone.   I am sure of it.    Well, it happened to me last week.   I questioned myself as a photographer, as a business owner, and even a bit as a person.   After many hours of deep thinking, I am going to share my thoughts here, at least some of them.

I questioned myself as a photographer.   Do I have what it takes to produce images that a family would want to hang in their home?  Do I capture the emotion that my clients are feeling?   I questioned myself as a business owner.  Am I able to provide great customer service to each and every client, no matter the circumstance?   Should I take a step away for a bit, to remember why I love photography so much?  I questioned myself a person.   Am I strong enough to juggle my family, God, and my business?  Should I be doing more?

I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER.  My style might be different than most, but it is MY STYLE.  That is what makes a session with me special.  You can not have a session with me, with anyone else.   I understand that my portraits may not be for everyone.  I am okay with that.    I know my camera and I know how to make him (yes, he is male) happy.   That makes me a good photographer.

I AM A BUSINESS OWNER.   I think about each and every email I receive from a client.  Some times for 24 hours, or longer.   I think about what I would feel like if I were the client, and how would I like to be treated.   I love my clients and I really do think that I have the best clients in the city.  I actually feel sorry for the other photographers because they may not ever have the chance to meet the wonderful people who I have.   I understand what it means to own a business, and it is not about the money.  It’s about providing excellent service and enjoying seeing a smile on someones face when they see their portraits for the first time.   That makes me a good business owner.

I AM A GOOD PERSON.   I do not need to juggle my family, God, or my business.   All of the parts of my life work together, in harmony.    God brings me closer to my family, who encourage me to work harder on my business.  No juggling involved.    I do the right thing and that is important.  My children are loved, and they feel it everyday.    I realize that it is impossible to please everyone, but I do try my best.

I do not claim to be the best photographer, and certainly do not believe I am perfect.  I make mistakes as I am human.     I treat people as I would like to be treated, and I encourage everyone to do the same.  Answer the phone with a smile, it can be heard through the phone.   Think of others, and try to understand how they might feel.   And always remember what your mother has taught you……do not sit so close to the TV.

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The Blur of My Last Two Weeks ~NKY/Cincinnati Photographer~

The last few weeks have been amazing!  Thank you to all of the wonderful Groupon clients that purchased a photography session.   I have been answering calls and returning emails and meeting some wonderful people.   My poor bloggity has been neglected, as if it was the family dog after a cute little kitten was brought home.   There will be a week where I am going to be bored, and I promise to revisit all of the wonderful sessions I had the weeks before the holiday deadline.  Until then, these are a few of my favorites….

Who knew you could just walk right onto the Bearcats football field and have a photo session?  Great idea, Karen and Joel!  Loved it.

Business portraits against the new backdrop.   Love it!

I need this dress for my Missy Moo.


There are plenty more where these came from.  Check out the sessions in full HERE.


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Watch’n her grow ~NKY/Cincinnati Newborn Photographer~

I love watching babies grow!  It happens so slow that you do not notice the changes from day-to-day, but it happens so fast that they can out grow a 3-6 month onesie in week.   I met Maci before she was born.    I finally met her in person when she was just 8 days old.    She was a perfect baby.   It was the same when we met to do her three month pictures.   Her parents signed up for the Watch Me Grow plan and that is exactly what I get to do… her grow.   I love being able to photograph the different phases of a little ones life.  It is such a neat gift to be able to provide your child years from now, after some of the memories that you swear you will never forget have been forgotten.

For just being three months old, Maci is a very smart girl.  She sits.  She talks.  She rolls.  Her face is just so darn cute!

And then my favorite from the session:

I am looking forward to watching you grow Miss. Maci!  I will see you in February.

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